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General Overview
  • What is Silviculture?
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  • What is IFM?
    Silviculture Stratificaton
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    Catalyst for New Research
    Adaptive Management
    Education Strategy
  • Adaptive Management

    Adaptive management is a systematic process for continually improving management policies and practices by learning from the outcomes of research and operational programs. Results are monitored, and the management practices are changed or otherwise adapted as one learns from the results. The active cooperation of resource managers and researchers is crucial to the success of adaptive management; as is the support of public groups and individuals.

    The Legacy Forest will help ensure the success of adaptive management in the Dog River-Matawin Forest. Through its partnerships and metadata warehouse, the Legacy Forest will facilitate the communication between researchers and forest managers. This will help translate research results into practices implemented in the field. During the planning process, members of the Steering Committee will participate in LCC (Local Citizens' Committee) meetings and have direct input into the 2005-2025 Dog River-Matawin Forest Management Plan.

    Home Project Overview Partners Resources Contacts
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