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  • Data Warehouse

    The intent with the data warehouse is to have a "One Stop Shop" for data required for researchers and educators in the Legacy Forest. Some of the data can be acquired elsewhere but significant portions can only be found in the Legacy Warehouse. Data access privileges and various levels of access will be determined as the warehouse is constructed. Entrance to the warehouse regardless of access level privileges to and individual or group will be through this webpage in the Resources section (coming as soon as possible).

    The warehouse will be structured for both download and viewing of various spatial layers as well as the ability to perform spatial analysis online for customized map production and query. The warehouse will also allow users to browse satellite and aerial photographs online at or near original data resolutions. Users will access the warehouse with a regular Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and the major server functions will utilize ESRI's ArcIMS and ER-Mapper's Image Web Server.

    The following is a summary of the spatial data the Legacy Forest has acquired to date. Data for Quetico Park (Fort Frances District) as well as the Thunder Bay District layers have been provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). Water polygons, water lines, and 10-metre contour shapefiles for both Thunder Bay and Fort Frances District will be the base layers in the warehouse. Landsat 7 ETM+ scenes from 2002 have been acquired by the project for the entire study area. Colour-infrared photography (1:30,000 scale) and large-scale sampling photography (1:1,750 scale) were also flown in late summer 2002. The Quetico Park Library has provided historical 1965 black and white photos at 1:15,840 scale. The aerial photographs are currently being converted to digital ortho-mosaics at a 1-m spatial resolution. The newly acquired colour-infrared photography coupled with various auxiliary data sources is forming the foundation for a new forest unit data layer for Quetico Park.

    Additional Quetico data comes from the Natural Resources and Values Information System (NRVIS) database and includes 65 separate layers. Bear management areas, aquatic feeding zones, calf fawning sites, fire protection zones, and environmentally sensitive areas are some examples of the information available from NRVIS. Similar data is available for the Dog River-Matawin Forest as well as more detailed forest management information (including the 1996 Forest Resource Inventory) provided by Bowater Inc.

    Other data sources are currently being considered for inclusion based on need, technical complexity and cost.

    Test versions of the various warehouse components are now being launched and the overall construction of this very labour-intensive component of the Legacy Forest is progressing well.

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