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  • Legacy Forest Education Strategy

    The challenge of managing the boreal forests of Ontario in a sustainable manner will ultimately be passed down to the generation currently sitting in elementary and secondary classrooms. They are the future stewards of Ontario’s forests and will be the ones responsible of ensuring their survival.

    The Legacy Forest plans to develop an educational partnership with school boards in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area. The goal of this partnership would be to develop resources that would offer fun, credible, interactive and cross-curricular lessons of the boreal forest, current management practices, the necessity of forest conservation and current issues. Understanding forests and how they are managed will be an important aspect of the education partnership.

    Through workshops, lectures, newsletters, presentations, and this website, educators will have the opportunity to learn about current management practices and will be provided with resources they can use in their classrooms. Through this partnership, the Legacy Forest hopes to be recognized as a resource that educators and students can consult for information and assistance.


    1. To open lines of communication between students, educators and the forest industry.

    2. To give educators and students an improved understanding of forests and their role in Ontario’s economy and our way of life.

    3. To inform educators and students of the exciting and diverse careers available in the forest.

    Home Project Overview Partners Resources Contacts
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