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Education and Innovation

A project of this magnitude may have a significant impact on the forest management sector in Ontario. An education and technology transfer strategy is critical to ensure that the knowledge gained is disseminated effectively. As with other elements of the Legacy Forest, the education strategy will evolve as the project develops and matures. It currently includes many features consistent with traditional technology and information transfer protocol. Already, this project has brought together industry, government, academics and other groups. This type of partnership is somewhat unprecedented for educational initiatives.

Currently the education and tech-transfer strategy includes this website, a regular newsletter, and presentations given to various groups to make them aware of Legacy Forest initiatives. As the project develops these media will provide insight into the adaptive management concept being employed and ongoing research projects.

Once fully established, the Legacy Forest will form an ideal base for investigating the effects of forest management on sustainability from the point of view of all forest values. The Legacy Forest will greatly enhance educational programs at public shools, universities and colleges. It will also be ideal for providing a unique continuing education experience for forestry practitioners, other forest users, and the public-at-large. It will contribute to the economic development of Northwestern Ontario and potentially serve as a model for intensive forest management (IFM) at the provincial, national, and possibly even international level.

It will be important for the future growth of the Legacy Forest to attract the attention of all stakeholders. The Legacy Forest needs to be recognized as an entitiy where there is an infrastructure and support mechanism that facilitates research into IFM and its link to biodiversity and sustainability. It is the job of the Legacy Forest Education and Technology Transfer Committee to work towards this goal by developing and implementing the strategies briefly described here. Anyone is welcome to provide input to the process by contacting the chair of this committee (Robin Reilly, Quetico Provincial Park).

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