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  • What is Intensive Forest Management?

    When managing a forest there are many questions that must be answering in the planning and decision making process. The two questions specifically relating to harvesting and silviculture are "How Much?" and "Where?". The answer is determined with consideration of many factors including total area, cover types, history, non-timber values, etc. All values must be considered and provided for in the best way possible. Ontario's Living Legacy recently expanded parklands in the province, which accommodated many important non-timber interests. As a result, the forest industry must attempt to maintain wood supply with a smaller amount of land available for harvest. Intensive forest management (IFM) is the most likely solution to this problem. IFM answers the same questions of "How much?" and "Where?" but it focuses intensive silviculture on optimal sites to produce more wood and/or decrease the length of harvest rotation. It is recognized that IFM would play a key role in developing a permanent increase in wood supply on a given amount of land. However, there is need for science related to IFM both in the determination of the forest growth response as well as the need to define the potential environmental impacts. The Legacy Forest is intended to provide the basis for the research that will answer the question surrounding IFM and the enhancement of forest productivity.

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