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November 7, 2003

Modeling Workshop Planning Committee Meeting

The planning committee consists of Wayne Bell, John Pineau, Jim Baker, Rob Rempel, C.T. (Tat) Smith, Kevin Crowe and Genevieve Wiens.  The committee met to determine the date of the workshop and outline an agenda.  The committee plans to meet again on December 4, 2003.


November 3, 2003

FedNor Presentation

Representatives from FedNor’s Thunder Bay office met with Forestry faculty members to discuss potential projects eligible for funding.  Genevieve Wiens gave a presentation outlining possible projects within the Legacy Forest .


October 23, 2003

Legacy Forest Presentation

Genevieve Wiens gave a presentation explaining “What is the Legacy Forest ” for the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment’s Forestry Seminar Series.  Faculty members, students, and other members of the University community attended the presentation.


October 9, 2003

Bird Studies Canada Meeting

Ulf Runesson met with Ryan Zimmerling from Bird Studies Canada .  Dr. Zimmerling presented Runesson with his data to be entered into the metadata warehouse.


October 3, 2003

Meeting with the Dog River-Matawin FMP Author

Laird Van Damme , Robin Reilly, Gail Wong, John MacGillvray, Kevin Crowe and Genevieve Wiens met at KBM Forestry Consultants Inc., to discuss the Legacy Forest in relation to the 2005-2025 Forest Management Plan.  At the meeting, it was decided the Legacy Forest should be a part of the Information Centre, to be held December 3-4, 2003 .  Wiens will create a display and attend the Information Centre.


September 21-28

XII World Forestry Congress

Reino Pulkki and Ulf Runesson, accompanied by several graduate students, attended the XII World Forestry Congress, in Quebec .  They not only represented the Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment, but also represented the Legacy Forest and displayed a poster outlining current research projects.


September 18, 2003

Living Legacy Trust Tour

The Living Legacy Trust Board was in Thunder Bay touring the programs and research projects to which they contributed funds.  Dave West and Ulf Runesson highlighted the Legacy Forest in a presentation held at the Bowater’s Division Office.


August 25-26, 2003

Data Gaps Analysis Workshop

The second Legacy Forest planning workshop was held at Quetico Centre near Atikokan.  The objective of this Data Gaps Analysis workshop was to identify potential research projects that will expand the information needed for sustainable forest management.


Five speakers from government, industry, First Nations and academia discussed current shortfalls in research data in their respective areas.  The speakers were Michael Gluck – Forest Policy Section (OMNR), Jean Paul Gladu – National Aboriginal Forestry Association, Ryan Zimmerling – Bird Studies Canada, Roger Barber – Bowater Forest Products Division and Reino Pulkki – Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment (Lakehead University).


Preparation for the next workshop has already begun.  The workshop, titled Decision Support Framework, is scheduled to take place in early January, 2004.


July 2003

Data Warehouse Update

Ulf Runesson is calibrating satellite images with a field radiometer provided by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.  A complete mosaic for the Dog River-Matawin forest will shortly be finished and available in the meta-data warehouse at a scale of 1:20,000.


July 2003

Shad Valley Presentation

Graduate students Jason Freeburn and Ian Sinclair gave a presentation introducing advanced remote sensing tools used in the Legacy Forest to the Shad Valley program, a summer program for gifted high school students.


June 2003

New Associate Member

Meredith Cornett is representing the Nature Conservancy of Minnesota as an associate member of the Legacy Forest .


May 15, 2003

Framework Meeting

The Legacy Forest Framework Committee discussed research and funding opportunities, and reviewed the planning workshop follow-up report.


May 7-10, 2003

Interactive Display in Timmins

Graduate students Ian Sinclair and Jason Freeburn presented an interactive display of the Legacy Forest , organized by Ulf Runesson, at the Central Canada Boreal Forest Expo.


May 1-2, 2003

National Forest Congress

Kevin Crowe attended the 9th National Forest Congress in Ottawa, Ontario to network with and inform its participants of the Legacy Forest .


April 26, 2003

Quetico Centre Presentation

Kevin Crowe presented the Legacy Forest to members of the Northwest Region Joint LCC/RAC meeting on Sustainable Resource Management.


April 22-23, 2003

Michigan Presentation

Reino Pulkki explained silvicultural research opportunities in the Legacy Forest to the Great Lakes Silviculture Summit at Michigan Technological University, in Houghton.


April 22, 2003

Classification Demonstration

Ulf Runesson and Shawn Mizon demonstrated vegetation classification techniques to Joe Ladouceur and James Harrison of Greenmantle Forestry Inc.


April 17, 2003

Image Analysis Demonstration

Ulf Runesson and Shawn Mizon demonstrated image analysis techniques for vegetation classification to James Holland of Duck Unlimited.


April 9, 2003

Radio Interview

Gerald Graham of CBC Radio interviewed Robin Reilly on the Legacy Forest .  To listen to the interview, visit:  www.legacyforest.ca/resources.


April 7, 2003

Progress Report

A Status Report was submitted to the Living Legacy Trust.  A copy is posted on the Legacy Forest website.


March 31, 2003

Television Interview

Reino Pulkki gave an interview to Thunder Bay Television on the Legacy Forest workshop.  To see the interview, visit:  www.legacyforest.ca/resources.


March 28, 2003

Stratification Meeting

The Legacy Forest Stratification Committee held a meeting on March 28, 2003.  At the meeting, Wayne Bell, OFRI, and John MacGillivray, Bowater, shared their ideas on practical criteria to define zones of differing silvicultural intensities.


March 29-30, 2003

Planning Workshop

The first Legacy Forest Planning Workshop was held at Quetico Centre near Atikokan.  Participants from industry, academia, government and various non-government organizations defined new research priorities for recruiting new projects and future funding.


Brainstorming topics included public relations, data management, funding partnerships and research gaps.  Participants drafted vision and mission statements and goals.  A follow-up report will guide further action steps.  The next session is scheduled for August 25 and 26.


March 24, 2003

Image Segmentation

Shawn Mizon illustrated image segmentation techniques for Quetico Provincial Park to Dr. Geoff Lipsett-Moore, Zone Ecologist for Ontario Parks.


March 20, 2003

Conference Presentation

Reino Pulkki presented on Forest Management in Ontario and the Legacy Forest at a regional conference on Forest Management Policies and Practices, at the University of Minnesota .


March 18, 2003

Data Exchange Adds Member

Rafael Munoz, University of Waterloo became a member of the Legacy Forest data exchange agreement.  He plans to use the Legacy Forest as a case study in the project “Identification of climate change related land use conflicts and climate change adaptive strategies in northwestern Ontario ,” for which he is the principal investigator.


March 17, 2003

New Steering Committee Member

Neville Ward, Assessment Biologist of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, accepted an invitation to serve on the Legacy Forest Steering Committee.


March 14, 2002

Mapping Techniques Meeting

Ulf Runesson and Shawn Mizon explored species mapping techniques with representatives of the Natural Resources Research Institute at the University of Minnesota .


March 10, 2003

Software for Image Analysis

Ulf Runesson investigated the efficiency of image processing software by Lecia Geosystems.


March 1, 2003

Data Exchange Adds Member

Ryan Zimmerling, Bird Studies Canada, became a member of the data exchange agreement.  The results of the study will enable both industry and government to evaluate the impacts of current forestry practices on avian biodiversity and baseline data for future comparison.


February 29, 2003

Collaboration Meeting

Reino Pulkki and Kevin Crowe discussed future collaborations with representatives of the Lake Abitibi, Eastern Ontario and Manitoba Model Forests .


February 26, 2003

Sault Ste. Marie Presentation

Kevin Crowe presented the Legacy Forest to representatives of the CFS and OFRI and worked to recruit new projects.


February 25-26, 2003

Sault Ste. Marie Conference

Reino Pulkki will serve on a panel at the Living Legacy Trust Conference on Biodiversity.  He will network with and inform researchers of opportunities in the Legacy Forest .


February 21, 2003

Steering Committee Meeting. The Steering Committee will hold a face-to-face meeting on Friday, Feb. 21 at 10:30 am , at Lakehead University . One of the main items on the agenda is making of amendments to a draft of the Legacy Forest Membership Structure prepared by Kevin Crowe.


February 18, 2003

EIT Meeting

The Education and Innovation Team (EIT) defined a potential media strategy, confirmed web page changes, and identified ways to integrate the Legacy Forest into the curricula at both Lakehead University and Confederation College .


February 18, 2003

Stratification Meeting

The Stratification Committee agreed on a final set of criteria for the division of the Legacy Forest into zones of differing silvicultural intensities.


February 17, 2003

EIT Meeting

The Education and Innovation Team (EIT) defined a potential media strategy, confirmed web page changes and identified ways to integrate the Legacy Forest into the curricula at Lakehead University and Confederation College .


February 13, 2003

Quetico Centre Demonstration. Ulf Runesson will demonstrate the image portion of the Legacy Forest data warehouse to Quetico Park staff and representative from the Superior National Forest of Minnesota .


February 2, 2003

Presentation at CONFOR. Kevin Ride gave a presentation on the Legacy Forest to a broad group of forestry graduate students gathered at the CONFOR conference, at Lakehead University on Sunday, Feb. 2.


Feb. 1, 2003

Second Newsletter Published. The second edition of " Legacy Forest Visions" has been published and distributed to over 200 individuals on our mailing list. The second edition features:


·          a discussion on collecting data on winter recreation demand

·          a short biography of Ulf Runesson

·          a description of the proposed fluxnet station for the Legacy Forest

·          a discussion on the meaning of the Legacy Forest as a model.


January 21, 2003

Ulf Runesson demonstrated the image analysis techniques used in constructing the data warehouse to individuals from Pine Falls, Manitoba Conservation, Louisiana Pacific, and Tolko.


January 13, 2003

Working Forest Interview. On January 13, Reino Pulkki, Chair of the Legacy Forest 's Steering Committee, gave an interview to a reporter from "The Working Forest " newspaper. The interview will be in the next edition of "The Working Forest ", available at www.workingforest.com


December 10, 2002

Stratification Meeting - The Legacy Forest Stratification Group met on December 10 for the second time. The group has representatives from the Bowater Inc., the 2005 planning team for the Dog River-Matawin Forest , the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Legacy Forest .   This group is working to stratify the Dog River-Matawin Forest into zones of varying silvicultural intensity (click here for further info) that will then be incorporated in the 2005 forest management plan.


December 5, 2002

Soils Meeting - The Legacy Forest "soil research" meeting occurred on December 5th. The purpose of this meeting was to identify objectives and strategies for research involving the Legacy Forest .


August - September, 2002

Colour-infrared aerial photos (1:30000) were acquired for all of Quetico Park for use in the Quetico Inventory portion Legacy Forest project. Also, approximately 200 large-scale photo (LSP) plots were acquired to aid in the inventory process. Further description of these photosets can be found here.



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