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  • Catalyst for New Research

    We believe that Lakehead University and the Legacy Forest will play a critical role in establishing Ontario as a leader in sustainable forest practices. Given the attributes of the Legacy Forest, it will undoubtedly be a catalyst for new research to investigate the impacts of intensive forest management at the landscape level. The inclusion of Quetico Provincial Park in the Legacy Forest provides a unique opportunity for comparative studies of natural versus anthropogenic disturbance regimes at an authentic landscape level. Researchers will be working with the same set of baseline data and will have the ability to test their hypotheses in the adjacent control area (Quetico Provincial Park).

    The Legacy Forest can also offer researchers and educators the most advanced data available in the form of a "one stop shop" metadata warehouse. In particular, the Legacy Forest provides researchers and educators with an in-depth database of forest information and allows researchers to link their hypotheses, data and results directly to the forest research community. Researchers will also be given the opportunity to discuss their results with the industry and implement findings through the education and technology transfer committee.

    At present, the Legacy Forest has already attracted numerous research projects, (click here to view the list of ongoing projects in the Legacy Forest). With the Legacy Forest acting as a host to these research projects, it will be recognized as an entity with the necessary infrastructure and support mechanisms to facilitate and stimulate research of intensive forest management and its link to sustainability. The Legacy Forest promises to be a world leader in forest research.

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