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  • What is Silviculture?

    Silviculture is the science and practice of renewing a forest crop. Silviculture is to forestry what agriculture is to farming. When a forest stand is harvested it is renewed through silvicultural practices. These practices may include some combination of site preparation, planting, seeding, or tending. Different combinations of silvicultural practices could be chosen for various reasons.

    In Ontario, forest companies who hold a licence to conduct forest management activities are obliged by law to renew the forest following harvesting. Within the management plan that is written for the whole forest the various silvicultural options available to the forestry practitioners are described. Different silvicultural options are selected based on the specific objectives of the forest management plan. The objectives of the forest management plan are required by law to reflect goals related to forest diversity, social and economic matters such as timber harvest levels, and forest cover as it relates to values such as wildlife habitat.

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